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Devon Tilly the marketer and Seth Strote the scientist came together to blend the spirits!  Devon comes from construction and Seth from healthcare sharing a passion for Bourbon and having as much fun as possible!

About Us

Create the best spirits and have as much fun as possible doing it!

The mission:

Devon Tilly has developed a workshop called, how to Live a Full Life Perspective.  This program has a tool called a Time Relationship Chart.  Devon BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to have an 8-year-old Bourbon at his 50th birthday party.


Devon Tilly became friends with Seth Strote through daughters Eva and Ava.  They became friends from being in the same class and sharing a passion of skiing.


When Seth and Devon were enjoying the mountains having a family sleepover they realized their joint passion for Bourbon.  When the juices were flowing and the kids were playing the original Nintendo (the OG that you need to blow in the cartridge to play) while we were doing a tasting.  Seth said I would love to have my own bar seat and spirits and in 2015 I put a whole business plan together to do this.

Seth said the problem is I am not versed in marketing, events, and all that stuff.  I just want to have my seat at the table and take my homebrew lessons mainstream.


Devon said, well I have no clue on how to make Bourbon but I love doing all that stuff!  Devon had just finished his first tasting event at his Window and Door company by pairing Bourbon with Windows!  This is put on by my Construction Mastermind Platform Art of Construction.

The fire was lit!  A few weeks later distilling equipment came up at the Auction and we were off and running!

We are excited to work with our partners to keep the spirits and the story going from here!

Have as much fun as possible by being the best fathers to our daughters and wives.  Be mentors to our family and friends and share the spirits of the west responsibly!


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